Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Indiana Bill to stop Cosmetology licensing. ((bullshit))

So if you haven't heard, Indiana is trying to pass this bill where Cosmetologists no longer need to be licensed, which means anybody can practice cosmetology without any schooling. Being a cosmetologist, I say this is stupid & not just because I think my profession is so special. (which I do.) I really don't even understand why they are doing this? I'm sure the government makes plenty of money off of us considering we have to pay money every 4 years to maintain our licenses, & then they don't even send you the fucking document to prove your legal. So they make money and save on paper. Fuckers. Anyway, this is a bad thing for not only hair professionals, but the consumers as well. It's bad for the professionals because it means more competition and it will give us hair stylists a bad reputation. Its bad for customers because (duh) people who haven't gone through the training won't know what they are doing. They think they might, but they won't. Yeah anyone can apply a color to someones head. But what are they going to do when that color turns out wrong? How will they correct it when they didn't learn the color wheel or anything else they need to know. && foiling .. try it. See if you can do it. You probably can't. (Unless your a professional) Hair cutting? Yeah, you don't just pick the hair up and chop away. There's angles and a whole damn system. Stuff you aren't just born knowing. Beauty schools also teach you how to deal with the public in a professional manner, whats appropriate and whats not. Think of all the beauty schools in Indiana that are going to go out of business if this bill is passed. It's so stupid. You might be born creative, but you aren't born a hair stylist. Sign this petition if you agree.

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